About Our Pediatricians

Our pediatricians are consultants, meaning that we will see children by referral for diagnosis and management of a specific problem. We specialize in the medical, behavioural, and developmental disorders of children 0-18 years of age in Calgary and surrounding area. All our patients require a referral from a health practitioner with a valid PRACID.

We do not provide primary care for healthy children. Our patients are encouraged to have a primary care provider. For medically complex children, our pediatricians often implement a shared care model, which can include alternating medical appointments with the primary care provider.

COVID-19 Update

We have ongoing rigorous screening protocols for in person visits and cleaning procedures in place to keep our most vulnerable patients safe.

We have an influx of referrals that may be related to health issues having been put off during the pandemic.

The pediatricians at Infinity Pediatrics are committed to supporting you, and are happy to provide phone consultations to physicians. Please call 403-727-5055 to see if there is a pediatrician available immediately or a phone time can be arranged.

Referral Information

We accept referrals by fax (403-727-5011). Please ensure the referral contains:

  • Patient’s name, Alberta health care number, and date of birth
  • Contact information, including valid phone numbers, and address
  • Parents’ names
  • All relevant clinic notes, investigations and reports
  • Growth charts, with actual height, weight and head circumference values
  • Your clinic’s contact information, including fax number.
  • Your valid PRACID

Our office will notify you by fax when the referral is received and once we have booked the appointment with the family.

Referring to a Specific Pediatrician

If you’d like to refer a specific pediatrician, please indicate the name on the referral. All referrals without a name or addressed to Infinity Pediatrics, will be booked via a central referral pool with the next available pediatrician. If one pediatrician’s wait time becomes significantly longer than others, the pediatrician may choose to move the patient into the central referral pool and/or the family may be given the option of seeing another pediatrician. 


In certain situations, patients may require a re-referral to see the pediatrician if their file has been closed. This includes, but it is not limited to:

  • Patient did not follow up within the recommended time frame and their file was closed (most often after 1 year)
  • Reason for original referral has resolved and a new issue is present

If a re-referral is required, please review the above information to see what to include in the referral. Note that we do not require re-referrals for patients that we have an established and ongoing relationship with.

If you are retiring or moving out of province, please let us know and consider having one of colleagues with a valid PRACID refer the patient to us.

Wait Time

Our current wait time for consultations is listed on the right side of the page. This information is meant as a guide and may change without notice. We strive to update this information on a monthly basis.

*Due to an incredibly high referral volume and increasing wait time, in the best interest of patient care, we are encouraging referring physicians to redirect their referrals regarding development/behaviour/school difficulty to a pediatric clinic with a shorter wait time.

Some pediatricians also have urgent medical consult spots available. Please indicate on the referral if you feel the matter is urgent and our staff will triage consultations. You are welcome to call our office to see when your patient may be able to be seen urgently.


You can expect to receive the pediatrician consult note back to your office within several days, often the same day as the appointment. Note that some pediatricians will also provide you will a copy of all of the follow-up visit notes as well. If you did not receive a consult note, please call our office staff to ensure that we have your correct clinic contact information.