How can I get my child to see a pediatrician?

Our pediatricians see children on a referral only basis. They need to be referred by another physician, often your family doctor. Our pediatricians do not see healthy children for “primary care”.

How do I book a follow-up appointment?

You are required to book all follow-up appointments, either by stopping by the reception desk after the appointment or calling our office later. Our office will not call you to book follow up appointments. Once your appointment is booked, it is considered confirmed. You will receive a courtesy reminder email and text message before the appointment.

All reminders are a courtesy service. Please update our staff to any changes in your email address or phone number.

How do I cancel or rebook an appointment?

Please call our office to speak to the receptionist. We do not respond to requests to cancel or change an appointment over email. If less than 2 business day notice is given, you will be subject to a missed appointment fee. For example,  you will not be able to cancel on Friday for a Monday appointment. For more information on our office policies, click here.


I’m running late, what do I do to avoid a missed appointment fee?

Call our office, and the front office staff can review the options with you.

Should I come early to the appointment?

Yes! You are encouraged to come 15 minutes early to the first appointment so that we can register you with the clinic, review our office policies, have your child’s growth measured and ensure your child is ready to see the pediatrician at the start of the appointment time. For follow-up appointments, please arrive 10 minutes early to review your contact information and have your child’s growth measured.

Why do I need to remove my shoes and leave my stroller in the waiting room?

Shoes and stroller wheels can pick up a lot of dirty things from the environment. Since our patients are frequently playing on the floor, we like to keep things as clean as possible. You are welcome to bring indoor shoes or slippers to the appointment. Our no shoe policy is enforced all year round.

My child is in a wheelchair, is your office handicap accessible?

Yes. There is designated handicap parking outside the building, wheelchair ramps, an elevator, and public handicap washroom. If your child’s wheelchair tires are dirty, please take the time to wipe them off in the washroom before the appointment to help keep our office clean. We also have a push button automatic door at the entrance to our clinic.

Why is my doctor late?

This can happen for a variety of reasons, most commonly because a patient before you had an urgent issue that the pediatrician needed to deal with or the family arrived late to their appointment. You can help us avoid this by ensuring you arrive early so your child is ready to see the doctor at the scheduled appointment time and have a brief list of questions prepared for the pediatrician.

Why do I have to pay for “uninsured services”?

Uninsured services are not covered by Alberta Health Care. The cost of these services are based on suggestions from the Alberta Medical Association.  To review a list of uninsured services, click here.

How do I get a copy of my child’s file?

You can obtain a copy of a full file by USB transfer for a fee. You can provide your own USB key or one can be sold to you. While the actual file transfer may only take a few minutes, our office staff may be busy and not able to complete this task for a couple hours or a couple of days. They will inform you at the time of the request how long it will take.

Can I email forms or reports to the pediatricians?

Protecting your child’s health information is important to us. For this reason, we do not accept forms or reports by email, unless we have obtained consent to do so. You may also fax, mail, or drop-off forms and reports for the pediatrician to review in advance of the appointment.

Can I phone or email the pediatrician?

Our pediatricians are generally not available for same day phone calls nor do they receive emails urgently.   If you have a question for them, bring it your next appointment or you are always welcome to call and and review concerns with the office staff.  This may result in your concern being directed to your primary care physician or urgent/emergency care, a sooner appointment being made for your child, or a phone call appointment being scheduled.

Can my child’s teacher/speech therapist/doctor talk to the pediatrician?

Yes, our pediatricians are more than happy to collaborate for your child by talking to their school, speech therapist, or other physician involved. That individual can book a phone call with the pediatrician.

Why are there medical students or residents that see my child?

Our pediatricians are committed to the education of future doctors. You may see a medical student or resident with our pediatricians. Sometimes a medical student or resident will see you first to obtain information from you and your child. Your child will always see your pediatrician at every appointment, for at least part of the time.

Why do I need a re-referral for my child to see the pediatrician?

A re-referral is needed once your child’s file is closed. This may happen if your child does not follow-up with their doctor within the recommended time period or if the pediatrician feels no follow up is required.

Will I be reminded of my upcoming appointment?

For your first appointment, you will receive a courtesy reminder email and text message before your appointment.  If you are booked in a short notice cancellation or an urgent appointment under 1 week your appointment, no courtesy reminder will be provided.

All reminders are a courtesy service. Please update our staff to any changes in your email address or phone number.