What we do:

The consultant pediatricians at Infinity Pediatrics specialize in the medical, behavioral, and developmental disorders of children 0-18 years of age in Calgary and surrounding area. We see patients only on a referral basis at the request of another physician, often your family doctor. Although other pediatricians may do so, we do not provide primary care for healthy children. We encourage all of our patients to have primary care providers for routine childhood check-ups, common illnesses, and sometimes for ongoing care of medical issues once stabilized by the pediatrician.

What to expect:

Your initial appointment will be 45-90 minutes, depending on the age of your child and the reason for the visit. Please bring your child’s valid Alberta health care card to your appointment. We ask that you show up at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment to register, review our office policies, and have your child’s growth measured. We try our best to run on time and it is a great help if all of our patients are ready to see the doctors at the scheduled appointment time.

Forms requested before appointment:

You may be asked to complete forms prior to the appointment. We may ask you to complete these electronically or on paper (depending on the form). Please try to complete and send in before the appointment for the pediatrician to review in advance so they can make the most of your time together. In addition to requested forms, please bring along with you any other information that may be helpful, such as school reports, psychology reports, speech reports, etc.

All families will be asked to complete the following forms before an appointment is booked. The email consent form is optional.

If your child is less than age 5, you will be asked to complete a developmental surveillance form called the Ages and Stages Questionnaire online at https://asqonline.com/family/5e5383. This link is specific to Infinity Pediatrics, and should be submitted electronically at least 2 business days before the appointment. Click here for additional instructions on how to complete this questionnaire.

If your child is having behavioural or school difficulties, please print out and have the following forms completed by your child’s teacher.

In addition, if your child is over age 5 and is having school or behavioural difficulties, you and the child’s teacher will be asked to complete a SNAP questionnaire online at www.ADHDratingscales.com, at least 2 business days before the appointment. For instructions on how to complete the questionnaire click here. If you are having difficulties with the above link you may do the manual report here:

Other forms you may be asked to fill out prior to the appointment include:

Office Policies:

At your first visit, you will be asked to sign a form stating that you have reviewed and understand our office policies. This includes information regarding missed appointments, reporting results over the phone, uninsured services, and prescription refills.

Please take some time to review our office policies.

Please review a list of uninsured services.

Late or Missed appointments:

If you are late, the appointment may have to be shorter than anticipated or possibly cancelled if you are running very late. You are encouraged to call the clinic if you are running late to review the options regarding your child’s appointment. If you cannot make an appointment, we ask that you cancel or reschedule at least 2 business days before your visit to avoid being charged for a missed appointment. This will also give us the opportunity to book in another child and thus make it easier to see the pediatrician!

Our missed appointment fees are listed with our uninsured services.

Sibling Care:

If possible, please try to arrange child care for your other children so we can focus our attention on the child that is coming to see the pediatrician. If you are unable to do so, please bring something that will keep the child entertained during the appointment.

Shoe Removal:

Shoes and stroller wheels can pick up a lot of dirty things from the environment. Since our patients are frequently playing on the floor, we like to keep things as clean as possible and ask everyone that comes to our office to remove their outdoor footwear. We also ask that strollers are left in the reception area. If your child’s wheelchair tires are dirty, please take the time to wipe them off in the washroom before the appointment to help keep our office clean. You are welcome to bring indoor shoes or slippers to the appointment.


There is free surface parking available outside the building, with a maximum of 3 hours. There are no spots designated for Infinity Pediatrics. Please ensure you have allowed enough time to park and then get to our office before your appointment time. Note that there are several designated handicap spots outside the main doors of the building.

For more information prior to your appointment, see our frequently asked questions.